Monday, 15 October 2012

PDP NATIONAL Rebirth, Bayelsa Chapter Held Her Maiden Meeting

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has held sway as the ruling Party since the rebirth of democracy on May 29, 1999. Like any other Political Party, her leadership has passed through several stages depending on the political dynamics of the nation. As an evolving democracy, the Party has its foibles and very trenchantly, people in the opposition often capitalize on those challenges to undermine the leadership of the Party.

There is general poor perception of the electorate about the PDP in terms of poor achievements in service delivery. The internal democracy records of the Party have been called to question in the light of several complaints of some stakeholders in the Party. Part discipline fundamental principles and etiquettes are not adhered to because of politics, and service appears to have been sacrificed on the altar of greed and avarice. While some fault the ideological underpinning of the Party, others believe that the Party needs reform and internal re-engineering to face the challenges of mounting opposition. Popular Participation and shared decision making have been subjected to politics, and this has made some hitherto faithful members to walk out of the Party. The selection process of political competitors is generally perceived to run counter to the grains of the Electoral Act.

In spite of these myriad challenges, PDP remains the only National party in Nigeria and this is evidenced by its spread, national support base and the mode in which her national officers are appointed. Further, PDP appears to be the only Party in Nigeria that is truly democratic; it is a Party that does not lend itself to the control of some preponderant moneybags nor is it controlled by some benevolent spirits wearing the toga of godfathers. PDP is a party for all Nigerians.

The goal of the PDP National Rebirth Initiative as an Advocacy Group is to assist the Party in her reform efforts and reposition her to deliver democracy dividends in the years ahead. THE PDP NATIONAL REBIRTH AGENDA is hinged on the 5Rs.

Reconcile aggrieved members with the present leadership of the Party
Readmit members after due process of reconciliation
Rehabilitate aggrieved members in the spirit of popular participation
Re-engineer the party for optimal performance in delivering value,
Re-invigorate the Party along the lines of entrenching internal democracy;

At the maiden meeting of the Initiative, the Group commended Governor Henry Seriake Dickson for taking bold initiatives aimed at placing the State on the orbit of accelerated development. The Group expressed gratitude to the Government of Bayelsa State including other State and Federal Agencies for the positive role they are playing to assist those displaced by the flood disaster, adding that government's timely intervention has mitigated the hardship in the State.
The PDP National Rebirth Initiative resolved to encourage political office holders towards superior performance in adding value to governance. The Group has promised to work in synergy with Government at all level as well as other progressive stakeholders at the Local Government, State and national levels.

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